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Mobilett XP Mobilett XP Eco Mobilett XP Hybrid


Mobilett XP can easily be positioned for x-ray imaging in virtually all conceivable projections with the patient recumbent, sitting, or any position in between. The self-calibrationg high power x-ray generator enables short exposure times down to 1 ms - virtually eliminating motion blurring.


Available in the following versions: 

MOBILETT XP*, a powerful mobile X-ray system (30 kW) that can be used for multiple applications. It offers easy handling and outstanding X-ray capabilities.

MOBILETT XP Eco*, a mobile X-ray imaging system (20 kW) that is ideal for facilities with lower imaging power requirements. 

MOBILETT XP Hybrid, a versatile mobile X-ray system (30 kW) that can be operated by battery or normal wall outlet. It features high imaging power and motor-assisted operation for easy transportation. 

MOBILETT XP Family - Features & Benefits



High image quality with low radiation exposure

  • Maximum tube current of up to 450 mA
  • Short exposure times down to 1 ms
  • Virtually eliminating motion blurring


Increased operator comfort

  • All types of exposure can be performed on either side of the bed
  • Lightweight and compact mobile X-ray system with industry-leading arm range
  • Convenient handbrake on the chassis ensures that the system stops safely
  • Lightest system in its class with outstanding maneuverability
  • Fits easily into small hospital areas
  • Integrated cable design enables easy arm positioning and makes
    the system easy to clean


MOBILETT XP Hybrid – virtually unlimited power and battery assisted

  • Motor drive with dual source power for exposures providing high comfort
  • Two power sources: Longlife rechargeable batteries and a conventional power outlet
  • When operated by battery power, MOBILETT XP Hybrid features up to 10 times more imaging power (30 kW and 360 mAs) than the previous system
  • Suitable even for extremely obese patients


MOBILETT XP Eco – lower imaging power

  • All the features and advantages of MOBILETT XP, but with lower imaging power
  • Featuring 20 kW/125 mAs imaging power output
  • Lower investment mobile X-ray solution


Giraffe design

  • For a more relaxing patient environment
  • Less anxious during the exam